Universal AC Input to 30Vmax@6A Lead-acid Battery Charger Reference Design with PFC (PMP10110)

The PMP10110 design converts the universal input AC voltage to isolated 17V...30V@6A and is suitable to charge lead-acid or Li-Ion batteries. The converter is a constant-V and constant-I genarator and the set points for output voltage (charge level) and current are settable by means of two PWM signals. The first stage is a PFC boost while the isolation ad current stabilization is performed by DC-DC half bridge stage. An isolated quasi-resonant flyback converter supplies all internal voltages and provide some extra current for external loads (fan or analog section), in details 12V@400mA and 5V@300mA.


The first stage is a CCM PFC boost driven with UCC28180, showing high efficiency and low EMI signature The second stage is a DC/DC half bridge, wich includes both current and voltage loops; a PWM signal is used as reference for voltage and current An auxiliary power supply generates all needed voltages; a network is disconnecting all resistors tied to high voltage to reduce stand-by losses Plug-to-plug efficiency at full load: 86%...92% in the whole input voltage range This design is tested and includes test results and CAD files


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Universal AC Input to 30Vmax@6A Lead-acid Battery Charger Reference Design with PFC PMP10110

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