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Humidity Sensor PICtail Demo Board (PIC16F690DM-PCTLHS)

This board supports the capacitive humidity sensor application note AN1016. It measures the capacitance of a relative humidity sensor plugged into the board. The on-board microcontroller sends the measured and calculated relative humidity (RH) to a PC for display.

The board can also measure small capacitors in different ranges of values using a dual slope integration method. The board can be modified, if desired, to achieve better measurement resolution.


    • Simple interface to a PC using the PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit
  • GUI program displays capacitance and Relative Humidity results
  • Can program the on-board PIC16F690
  • Sockets for inserting radial leaded capacitors
    • User selected capacitance range
    • Test points to monitor circuit’s operation
    • ICSP™ connection gives alternative for programming the on-board PIC16F690:
  • PICkit™ 2 Microcontroller Programmer
  • MPLAB® ICD 2


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