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Mixed Signal PICtail™ Demo Board (MXSIGDM)

The Mixed Signal PICtail™ Evaluation Board enables quick and accurate evaluation of the performance of several Microchip DACs, ADCs, LDOs, Vrefs and Operational Amplifiers. The board interfaces to the PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit or can utilize the on-board PIC16F767 for “stand-alone” operation. The user can take advantage of the existing PIC® microcontroller library of software routines or develop their own routines. The PIC® microcontroller can select which DAC to configure, which ADC channel to read, and utilize a dual op-amp for various buffer implementations.


    • 4 layer board for low noise evaluation
    • Supports the following Microchip Mixed Signal devices (surface mount footprint):
  • MCP492X SPI DACs
  • TC132X I2C DACs
  • MCP330X and MCP320X SPI SAR ADCs
  • MCP3221 and MCP3021 I2C SAR ADCs
  • MCP1525 and MCP1541 Voltage References
  • MCP170X LDOs
    • PIC16F767-I/SS footprint with ICSP™ (In-Circuit Serial Programming™) interface
    • Sample kit contains a number of applicable Microchip DACs, ADCs, LDOs and Vrefs


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Mixed Signal PICtail™ Demo Board MXSIGDM

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Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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MCU, 8BIT, PIC16, 20MHZ, SOIC-28
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