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MIC4102YM Evaluation Board (MIC4102YM-EV)

The MIC4100, MIC4101, MIC4103 and MIC4104 are a family of high-frequency, 100V MOSFET drivers. Each part contains a high-side and low-side driver and will drive many switching power supply topologies. Refer to the MIC4100/1 and MIC4103/4 specifications for detailed information. This evaluation board provides a platform for evaluating any of the drivers. The evaluation board schematic is shown in Figure 1. A 1μF, 100V ceramic capacitor is connected between the “HV Supply Input” and “Ground” terminals and provides high frequency decoupling on the board. 0.1μf capacitors are used for decoupling the VDD and HB pins of the driver. 100V, N-Channel, SO-8 FETs are included with the board.


    Refer to User Guide.


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