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MIC3385YHL Evaluation Board (MIC3385YHL-EV)

The MIC3385 is a high efficiency 8MHz PWM synchronous step-down switching regulator that features a LOWQВ® LDO standby mode that draws only 20ОјA of quiescent current. The MIC3385 features an ultra-low noise, small size, and high efficiency solution for portable power applications. In PWM mode, the MIC3385 operates at a constant frequency of 8MHz. Under light load conditions, such as in system sleep or standby modes, the PWM switching operation can be disabled to reduce switching losses. In this light load LOWQВ® mode, the LDO maintains the output voltage and draws only 20ОјA of quiescent current. The LDO mode of operation saves battery life while not introducing spurious noise and high ripple as experienced with pulse skipping or bursting mode regulators. The MIC3385 operates from a 2.7V to 5.5V input and features internal power MOSFETs that can supply up to 600mA of output current in PWM mode. It can operate with a maximum duty cycle of 100% for use in low-dropout conditions.


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