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MIC22705YML Evaluation Board (MIC22705YML-EV)

The MIC22705 is a high-efficiency, 7A, integrated switch, synchronous buck (step-down) regulator. The MIC22705 achieves more than 95% efficiency and switches at 1MHz. The ultra-high speed control loop keeps the output voltage within regulation even under the extreme transient load swings commonly found in FPGAs and low-voltage ASICs. The output voltage is pre-bias safe and is adjustable down to 0.7V. The MIC22705 offers a full range of sequencing and tracking options. The Enable/Delay (EN/DLY) and Power Good (PG) inputs allow versatile turn-on and turn-off sequencing across multiple devices. The Ramp Controlв„ў (RC) input allows start-up voltage tracking, either directly or ratio-metrically.


    Refer to User Guide.


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