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MD0100DB1 - MD0100DB1 Demo Board (MD0100DB1)

The MD0100DB1 demo board contains four MD0100DK6-G dual packages providing 8 T/R switches in the system. There are no other external components on the board.
This demo board replaces 8 discrete diode bridge protection circuits. The input of the MD0100DB1 is called TX which is connected to the output of the transmitter, and the output is called RX which is connected to the input of the receiver. The TX and RX are interchangeable. The MD0100DB1 is especially laid out so that all the inputs are on one side and all the outputs are on other side of the board. It provides for easy replacement on the system for testing.


    Refer to user guide.


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MD0100DB1 - MD0100DB1 Demo Board MD0100DB1

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