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MCP7386X Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Board (MCP7386XEV)

***This product is now obsolete***
The recommended alternate board is the MCP73833EV.

The MCP7386X Evaluation Board is set up to evaluate simple, stand-alone, linear charging of single/dual cell Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer battery packs (the battery packs are not included). The board design provides constant current charging followed by constant voltage charging with automatic charge termination. As provided, the MCP7386X Evaluation Board is set for a fast charge current level of 1.1A for single cell applications. The MCP73861 is equipped with shutdown control, status indicator, fault indicator, safety timer, and continuous cell temperature monitor. For dual cell applications, the MCP73862 or the MCP73864 can be substituted for the MCP73861.

Refer to the appropriate data sheets for details on the individual device features.


    • Evaluation of MCP7386X devices in 4mm x 4mm, 16-Lead QFN packages
    • Simple Stand-Alone Operation or Microcontroller Compatible
    • Powered from external bench supply or wall cube
    • Surface-Mount Design
    • Fully Assembled and Tested


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MCP7386X Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Board MCP7386XEV

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