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MCP7383X Li-Ion System Power Path Management Reference Design (MCP7383XRD-PPM)

Portable electronics has played an important role in modern era. Due to the natural characteristics of Li-Ion / Li-Polymer batteries, they are the most popular power sources for mobile devices. However, extra care in design is always important to implement Li-Ion / Li-Polymer batteries. System Power Path Management allows end-users to charge their batteries without interruption.

This reference design is developed to assist product designers in reducing product design cycle and time by utilizing Microchip’s favorite stand-alone Li-Ion battery charge management controllers with system power path management.


    • Load sharing system power path management that support charging single cell Li-Ion battery and system load at the same time without affecting charging algorithm of Microchip’s stand-alone charge management controllers.
    • The system load is supported by Li-Ion battery when input power source is removed
    • Blue LED indicates charge status
    • Additional Red LED to indicate Power-Good (PG) and Green LED to indicate charge complete (Available from MCP73833)
    • Dip Switch to select programmable fast charge current between1000 mA (H) and 50 mA (L) for MCP73833 and 400 mA (H) and 25 mA (L) for MCP73832
    • Available THERM pin on the MCP73833 for temperature monitoring with a thermistor. It is disabled by default and can be enabled to use with NTC thermistor


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MCP7383X Li-Ion System Power Path Management Reference Design MCP7383XRD-PPM

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