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MCP6XXX Amplifier Evaluation Board 1 (MCP6XXXEV-AMP1)

The MCP6XXX Amplifier Evaluation Board 1 is designed to support inverting/non-inverting amplifiers, voltage followers, inverting/non-inverting comparators, inverting/non-inverting differentiators.

At this time, the Mindi™ Amplifier Designer does not support the non-inverting comparator or the non-inverting differentiator.


    • All amplifier resistors and capacitors are socketed
    • All of the component labels on board keep consistent with those on schematic generated in the Mindi™ Amplifier Designer
    • Supports all Microchip single op amps:

    – 8-pin PDIP package (e.g., MCP6021) is socketed
    – 8-pin SOIC package can be accommodated

    • Test points for connecting lab equipment
    • Single supply configuration


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MCP6XXX Amplifier Evaluation Board 1 MCP6XXXEV-AMP1

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