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MCP661 Line Driver Demo Board (MCP661DM-LD)

This demo board uses the MCP661 in a very basic application for high-speed op amps; a 50Ω line (coax) driver. It gives:
  • A 30 MHz solution
  • High speed PCB layout techniques
  • A means to test AC response, step response and distortion
Both the input and the output are connected to lab equipment with 50Ω BNC cables. There are 50Ω terminating resistors and transmission lines on the board. The op amp is set to a gain of 2V/V to overcome the loss at its output caused by the 50Ω resistor at that point. Connecting lab supplies to the board is simple; there are three surface mount test points provided for this purpose.


    • 50Ω BNC connectors, transmission lines and terminating resistors
    • Test points for power supply
    • Coax buffer configuration


Тесты и симуляция

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MCP661 Line Driver Demo Board MCP661DM-LD

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