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MCP46XX PICtail Plus Daughter Board (MCP46XXDM-PTPLS)

The MCP46XX PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board demonstrates the features and abilities of Microchip’s MCP45XX and MCP46XX Digital Potentiometers. This board is designed to exclusively use the MCP46X1 devices. The MCP4661 uses an I2C™ interface and can be controlled via the PICkit Serial Analyzer interface or via the PICtail™ Plus interface.


    • PICkit Serial Analyzer Interface
    • PICtail Plus Interface
    • MAX4582L High Voltage analog switch to allow HVC voltage to be selected as one of four voltages
    • (VSS, 3.3V, 5.0V, or 9.0V) - High Voltage command support
    • Jumpers to connect Wiper pins (W0 and W1) to the PICDEM Analog Channels
    • Jumper to allow AVDD to be driven by external power supply while connected to the PICDEM board or the PICkit Serial Analyzer
    • Jumpers to allow Terminal A pins to be connected to the AVDD or VAx (0,1)pad
    • Jumpers to allow Terminal B pins to be connected to the VSS or VBx (0,1) pad
    • Connection point for easy connection to the Resistor Network Terminal pins
    • PIC24 C program using standard Microchip “C” I2C™ Libraries


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Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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