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MCP401X Evaluation Board (MCP401XEV)

The MCP401XEV Evaluation Board allows the system designer to quickly evaluate the operation of Microchip Technology’s MCP40D18 Digital Potentiometer device. This device is similar to the following devices:

  • MCP40D17
  • MCP40D19
  • MCP4017
  • MCP4018
  • MCP4019
The board uses the SC70EV Generic PCB and has been populated for the MCP40D18. The 6-pin header (PICkit Serial) has been jumpered to the MCP40D18’s appropriate pins. This allows the PICkit Serial to communicate with the device. The User's Guide includes demonstrations of the PICkit Serial controlling the MCP40D18 device. Additional blank PCBs may be ordered by using the order number: SC70EV. Each SC70EV kit contains 5 PCBs.

Devices Supported:MCP40D18, MCP4017, MCP4018, MCP4019, MCP40D17, MCP40D19


    • MCP40D18-103AE/LT is installed
    • 0Ω resistors connect MCP40D18 VDD and VSS signals to the appropiate Power or Ground plane
    • 0Ω resistors connect MCP40D18 A terminal signal to Power plane (voltage divider configuration)
    • Silk-screen area to write specifics of implemented circuit
    • PICkit Serial Analyzer Header
    • Footprints for optional passive components


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