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Применения > > MCP3909 and PIC18F85J90 Single Phase Energy Meter Reference Design

MCP3909 and PIC18F85J90 Single Phase Energy Meter Reference Design (MCP3909RD-1PH1)

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The MCP3909/PIC18F85J90 Single Phase Shunt Energy Meter is a fully functional single phase meter. The design is intended to be low cost and is transformerless. The design uses a half wave rectified power supply circuit and a shunt current sensing element. A single MCP3909 acts as the analog front end measurement circuitry. The PIC18F85J90 directly drives the LCD glass and displays active energy consumption.

The meter design contains serially accessible registers and is intended to be flexible and upgraded to a variety of PIC® micro-based energy meter designs using the firmware presented herein. The “Single Phase Energy Meter Software” offers a functional and simple means to monitor and control the PIC18F85J90 and can be used to create custom calibration setups.


    • Direct LCD glass drive (Up to 192 pixels)
    • High accurate MCP3909 analog front end with dual 16-bit ADCs
    • Full evaluation kit including hardware, firmware, evaluation software, and development tools
    • Better than Class 0.5 performance per IEC specifications
    • Low cost shunt based design: no expensive current or power transformers
    • Active Energy Pulse Output, Active Power, Apparent Power, RMS current and RMS voltage calculations in serially accessible output registers, in Flash
    • Serially accessible calibration registers, including offset, gain, phase, and LSB correction for all power and energy quantities, in Flash


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