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MCP3905A Energy Meter Reference Design (MCP3905RD-PM1)

The MCP3905A Energy Meter Reference Design (using the new MCP3905A/06A device) is a stand-alone low cost energy meter. It can act as either a stand alone energy meter, or as the analog front end design for LCD microcontroller based meters. The MCP3905 design is specified with an energy measurement error of 0.1% typical across 1:500 dynamic range for high accurate energy meter designs. This reference design is compliant with EMC requirements per energy metering standards IEC62053 and legacy IEC61036, IEC1046 and IEC687.


    • Uses the new MCP3905A/06A devices
    • Demonstration board is a ready to use single-chip low cost energy meter
    • Direct connection to line for energy meter, no transformers required
    • On-board power supply circuitry
    • Resistive network and Output LED for meter calibration,
    • Resistor shorts for gain and frequency selection


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MCP3905A Energy Meter Reference Design MCP3905RD-PM1

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