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MCP3901 ADC Evaluation Board for 16-Bit MCUs (MCP3901EV-MCU16)

The MCP3901 ADC Evaluation Board for 16-Bit MCUs system provides the ability to evaluate the performance of the MCP3901 dual channel ADC. It also provides a development platform for 16-bit PIC based applications, using existing 100-pin PIM systems.


  • Dual ADC MCP3901 output display using Serial communication to PC Software Interface
  • Simultaneous 4 ksps at 90 dB SINAD and top speed 55 ksps performance on dual MCP3901 channels
  • System and ADC performance analysis through graphical PC tools showing Noise Histogram, Frequency Domain (FFT), Time domain scope plot, and statistical numerical analysis
  • Robust hardware design with analog grounding and analog/digital separation, allowing low noise evaluation of MCP3901 devices. Separate power supplies and power planes - 4 layer board
  • PICtail Plus connectors for Explorer-16 daughter board compatibility


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