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MCP3424 Evaluation Board (MCP3424EV)

The MCP3424 EV Board is a quick and easy evaluation tool for the MCP3424 18-bit four channel Delta-Sigma ADC device. It works with Microchip's popular PICkit™ Serial Analyzer or independently with the customer's applications board.

The user can connect sensor inputs to the MCP3424 Evaluation Board and measure the input voltage. The PICkit™ Serial Analyzer’s PC Graphic User Interface (GUI) displays the ADC output codes. The user will appreciate the simplicity of evaluating the ADC device using this evaluation board.

The customer also can connect the MCP3424 Evaluation Board directly to their applications board and test out their systems functions immediately.

The box for this evaluation board includes only one MCP3424 EV Board. The PICkit™ Serial Analyzer is sold separately.


    • Evaluate MCP3424 ADC functionality and performance
    • Sensor output measurement
    • Experimenting the MCP3424 features using PICkit Serial Analyzer


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Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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