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MCP3422 Evaluation Board (MCP3422EV)

The MCP3422 Evaluation Board (P/N MCP3422EV) contains an MCP3422 18-bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). The MCP3422 is a 2-channel ADC device with various options. The board has analog input connection pads and various test pads. The user can connect inputs and test the conversion results using the PICkit Serial Analyzer and its PC graphic user interface (GUI).


    • Evaluate the MCP3422 using the PICKit Serial Analyzer
    • The user can write the MCP3422 configuration register and read output codes by using the PICKit Serial Analyzer
    • The sensor signal can be connected to the input pads of the board
    • I2C communication signal (SCL and SDA) can be monitored at the SCL and SDA pins on the board
    • Evaluate the MCP3422 performance using by simply connecting the SCL and SDA pins to the customer's PC Board.


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MCP3422 Evaluation Board MCP3422EV

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