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MCP3421 Weight Scale Demo Board (MCP3421DM-WS)

The MCP3421 Weight Scale Demo Board is designed to evaluate the performance of the low-power consumption, 18-bit ADC in an electronic weight scale design. Next to the MCP3421 there is a low-noise, auto-zero MCP6V07 op amp. This can be used to investigate the impact of extra gain added before the ADC for performance improvement. The PIC18F4550 is controlling the LCD and the USB communication with the PC. The GUI is used to indicate the performance parameters of the design and for calibration of the weight scale.

Devices Supported: MCP3421, MCP6V07, PIC18F4550


  • Low-power consumption 18-bit ADC
  • Low-noise, auto-zero op amp MCP6V07
  • 2Kg load cell
  • USB connectivity to PC
  • PC software for calibration and performance evaluation


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