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MCP3221 PICtail™ Demo Board (MCP3221DM-PCTL)

The MCP3221 PICtail™ Demonstration Board is designed to demonstrate Microchip’s MCP3221 device. The demonstration uses DataView™ Windows® software for a graphical real time data analysis from the board through USB. This demo board can also be used for firmware development to the MCP3221 device using the PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit.


    • Allows simple evaluation of device performance using USB interface and DataView software
    • On-board PIC16C745 USB for DataView communication
    • Data is displayed in an easy-to-read format graphical complete with data logging
    • Easy to interface to PICkit 1 evaluation system
    • Ready-to-go DC voltage generation using mechanical potentiometer


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MCP3221 PICtail™ Demo Board MCP3221DM-PCTL

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