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MCP2200 USB to RS232 Demo Board (MCP2200EV-VCP)

The MCP2200EV-VCP is a USB-to-RS232 development and evaluation board for the MCP2200 USB-to-UART device. The board allows for easy demonstration and evaluation of the MCP2200. The accompanying software allows the special device features to be configured and controlled. The board is powered from USB and has a test point associated with each GPIO pin. In addition, two of these pins are connected to LEDs which can be used to indicate USB-to-UART traffic when the associated pins are configured as TxLED and RxLED pins respectively.


  • Powered via USB
  • Test points for all GPIO pins
  • RS232 device and 9-pin D-sub connector for connecting to RS232 applications
  • Tx and Rx LEDs for indicating USB-to-UART traffic (when enabled)
  • Software for configuring special features of the device


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MCP2200 USB to RS232 Demo Board MCP2200EV-VCP

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