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MCP215X/40 Data Logger Demo Board (MCP215XDM)

The MCP215X IrDA Data Logger Demo Board demonstrates the MCP2150 (or MCP2155) IrDA Standard Protocol Stack Controller device in a real world application. The system designer can use this design as an example of how to integrate an IrDA standard port in their embedded system.


    • Demonstrates the MCP2150 IrDA Protocol Controller in a data logging application
    • Communicates directly to a Laptop computer, Palm or Pocket PC PDA
    • Primary Device application programs are provided to demonstrate operation (for PC, Palm OS, Pocket PC)
    • F/W routines transmit data to a Primary Device (i.e., Laptop, PDA)
    • LCD display indicates system state
    • Reprogrammable PIC16F877 with ICSPä (In-Circuit Serial Programmingä) interface and ICD header
    • Interface Header allows board to be interfaced to a prototype system application
    • Header allows other Optical Transceiver circuits to be interfaced to the MCP215x device
    • Operates on 9V DC input or a 9V battery


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