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MCP212X Developer's Daughter Board (MCP212XEV-DB)

***This product is now obsolete***

The MCP212X Daughter Board is used to evaluate and demonstrate the MCP2122 or the MCP2120 IrDA® Standard Encoder/Decoder devices.

A header allows the MCP212X Daughter Board to be jumpered easily into systems for development purposes.

The MCP212X Daughter Board is designed to interface to several of the “new” low cost PICmicro Demo Boards. These include the PICDEM HPC Explorer Demo board, the PICDEM FS USB Demo board, and the PICDEM LCD Demo board.

When the MCP212X Daughter Board is used in conjunction with the PICDEM HPC Explorer Demo board, the MCP212x can be connected to either of the PIC18F8772's two UARTs or the RX and TX signals can be "crossed" so the MCP212x device can communicate directly out the PICDEM HPC Explorer Demo Board's UART (DB-9). This allows similar functionality to the obsoleted MCP2120 Developer’s Board (DM163008).


    • 8-pin socket for installation of MCP2122 (installed) and 14-pin socket for installation of MCP2120
    • Three Optical Transceiver circuits (1 installed)
    • Headers to interface to low cost PICDEM Demo Boards, including:

  • PICDEM™ HPC Explorer Demo Board
  • PICDEM™ LCD Demo Board
  • PICDEM™ FS USB Demo Board
  • PICDEM™ 2 Plus Demo Board
    • Headers to easily connect to the user’s embedded system
    • Jumpers to select routing of MCP212X signals to the PICDEM™ Demo Board Headers
    • Jumpers to configure the operating mode of the board


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MCP212X Developer's Daughter Board MCP212XEV-DB

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Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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