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MCP2120/22 Developer's Board (MCP212XDM)

The MCP2120/22 Developer’s Board allows for the easy demonstration and development of IrDA applications. The board can be powered via USB or the power test points (VDD and GND). When using the power test points, if JP2 is shorted, the voltage must not exceed the PIC18F65J50 voltage specification.

The preprogrammed PIC18F65J50 firmware generates the MCP2122’s clock. The Host interface can be connected to the UART driver device (for IrDA to UART operation), for communication over the DB-9 connector or connected to the PIC18F65J50 for stand alone operation.


    • Mini USB connector powers the board
    • Onboard +3.3V regulator for powering PIC18F65J50
    • Hooks for an external regulated DC supply
    • Jumper to isolate PIC18F65J50 power signal from the rest of board power.
    • DB-9 connector and associated hardware for direct connection to MCP2120 or MCP2122 UART
    • UART signals routed by Four 3-pin jumpers to either DB-9 connector or the PIC18F65J50
    • External Clock jumper
    • Multiple Optical Transceiver circuits, one implemented
    • Reset switch for PIC18F65J50 device
    • ICSP Header for PIC18F65J50
    • MCP2120 crystal socket
    • MCP2120/22 SOIC and DIP Footprints (DIP package is the default installation)


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