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MCP2030 Bidirectional Communications Demo Kit (MCP2030DM-TPR)

The MCP2030 Bidirectional Communication Demo Kit demonstrates short range bidirectional communication applications using the features of the MCP2030. The demo kit consists of two units: (a) Base Station unit and (b) Transponder unit. The Base Station unit transmits a low frequency (LF) command looking for the transponder in the field. When the transponder unit detects the Base Station command, it responds with its ID and RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) using UHF frequency (434 MHz). When the Base Station unit receives the response from the Transponder unit, it displays the received Transponder ID and RSSI data on the LCD. The features and concepts demonstrated by the demo kit can be used for low frequency (LF) sensing and various hands-free access control security applications. The bidirectional communication range is up to about 3 meters and mainly limited by the property of the LF frequency.


    • Demonstrates a short range bidirectional communication using LF (125 kHz) and UHF (434 MHz)
    • Demonstrates a reliable hands-free access control application by utilizing three orthogonally positioned antennas on the transponder board
    • A stand-alone ADC device on the Transponder samples the RSSI voltage. The digitized RSSI data is then sent to the Base Station unit. The Base Station unit can estimate the distance and position of the Transponder based on the RSSI data


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