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MCP1631HV Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Reference Design_2 (MCP1631RD-MCC2)

The MCP1631HV Multi-Chemistry reference design board is used to charge one to five NiMH or NiCd batteries, charge one or two cell Li-Ion batteries, or drive one or two 1W LEDs. The board uses the MCP1631HV high speed analog PWM and PIC16F883 to generate the charge algorithm for NiMH, NiCd or Li-Ion batteries. The MCP1631HV Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger is used to evaluate Microchip’s MCP1631HV in a SEPIC power converter application.


    • Input Operating Voltage Range - +5.3V to +16V
    • Maximum of 2A Charge Current for single cell Li-Ion
    • Charge NiMH, NiCd or Li-Ion Chemistries
    • Charge 1 cell or 2 cell Li-Ion Batteries in Series
    • Charge 1 cell to 5 cell NiMH or NiCd Batteries in Series
    • Drive one or two 1 Watt LEDs in series.
    • Select Chemistry and Cells using push-buttons
    • ON/OFF switch
    • Charge Status Indication
    • Programmable Charge Profile
    • Programmable Overvoltage Shutdown (1.8V/Cell for NiMH/NiCd or 4.4V/Cell for Li-Ion)
    • Complete “C” source code is provided


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MCP1631HV Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Reference Design_2 MCP1631RD-MCC2

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