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MCP1630 SEPIC Automotive LED Driver Reference Design (MCP1630RD-SALED)

The MCP1630 SEPIC Automotive LED Driver Reference Design is a step-up/down, Switch mode, DC-DC converter used for powering LED applications. The demo board provides a 350 mA (700 mA, with hardware modification) constant current source. Other output currents can be obtained with minor modifications to the board components’ values. In addition, the board sustains the high-voltage peaks and hence provides useful information about typical high-voltage applications that can be found in the automotive field.

Devices Supported: MCP1630


  • Compact size with high output power
  • Can operate in Buck (step-down) or Boost (step-up) mode
  • Sustains voltage stresses typically found in automotive products: 42 VIN for 180 ms
  • High efficiency over the entire operating input and output voltage ranges: 85% typical
  • Maximum Output Current = 350 mA; this value can be modified with minor changes in hardware
  • Maximum Output Power = 18W
  • Optional software dimming control for both methods: PWM or Current mode
  • Preprogrammed source code
  • The switching frequency, maximum duty cycle and the MCP1630 reference voltage can be modified in firmware
  • Additional application functions can be implemented in firmware


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