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MCP1630V Bidirectional 4 Cell Li-Ion Charger Ref Design (MCP1630RD-DDBK3)

The MCP1630V Bi-directional 4 Cell Li-Ion Charger Reference Design demonstrates the use of a bidirectional buck-boost converter used to charge multiple series cell Li-Ion batteries with the presence of an input source (boost) and provide a regulated output voltage when the input source is removed (buck). The board also serves as a platform to evaluate the MCP1630V device.


    • Four Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger operates stand-alone. (Additional firmware added allows the charger to communicate with smart battery packs)
    • Charges four cell Li-Ion battery pack from 6.5V to 7.0V Input (complete precondition, constant current and constant voltage charge algorithm in firmware)
    • Regulates input dc bus voltage, (steps battery pack voltage down), to 6.0V when input source is removed (providing uninterrupted power source for system)
    • ON/OFF button used to enable and disable system, low IQ drain on the battery when disabled (< 10 µA)
    • Output over-voltage protection in the event of open battery connections
    • High efficiency over entire operating input voltage range (94% typical)
    • PIC16F88 is used to generate ref Voltage and Oscillator signal at 500 kHz frequency at maximum duty cycle
    • Proprietary features can be added by modifying the firmware contained in the PIC16F88
    • Factory programmed source code is available


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MCP1630V Bidirectional 4 Cell Li-Ion Charger Ref Design MCP1630RD-DDBK3

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