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Evaluation Kit for the MAX5135, MAX11040, and MAX11612 (MAXSPCSPARTAN6) (MAXSPCSPARTAN6)

The MAXSPCSPARTAN6+ evaluation kit (EV kit) is designed to facilitate the use of Maxim ADCs and DACs with any evaluation board made for Xilinx® Spartan® 6 series FPGAs. The EV kit contains the MAX11612 and MAX11040 ADCs and two cascaded MAX5135 DACs. The MAX11612 is a very-low-power, 4-channel, 2-wire, 12-bit, SAR ADC. This ADC operates with a 5V supply and has an internal reference of 4.096V.

The MAX11040 is an SPI™-compatible, 4-channel, simultaneous-sampling, cascadable, 24-bit, sigma-delta ADC. The MAX5135 is the industry's smallest, 12-bit, voltage-output DAC.


  • 12-Bit, 2-/4-Channel, SAR ADC Support (MAX11612)
  • 24-Bit, 4-Channel, Programmable Data Rate, Sigma-Delta ADC Support (MAX11040)
  • 12-Bit, 4-Channel DAC Support (MAX5135)
  • Connects with any Spartan 6 Evaluation Boards Through a Standard FMC VITA-57.1 LPC Connector


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