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Evaluation Kit for the MAX98400A (MAX98400AEVKIT) (MAX98400AEVKIT)

The MAX98400A evaluation kit (EV kit) configures the MAX98400A Class D amplifier to drive 2x20W into a pair of 8Ω speakers in stereo mode, or 1x40W into a 4Ω speaker in mono mode, for audio applications. The EV kit operates from an 8V to 28V DC power supply. The EV kit is configured for +20.1dB gain. The EV kit accepts a pair of single-ended or differential input signals and provides two sets of differential outputs for speakers.

The EV kit has two independent MAX98400A circuits, demonstrating direct speaker driving (for low component count) and filtered output driving (for ease of evaluation). The EV kit comes with two MAX98400AETX+ devices installed.

The EV kit provides an option to control the limiter, thermal foldback, input configuration, gain, shutdown, and mono mode of the MAX98400A. The EV kit also provides an input pad to accept an optional external power supply for powering the device's preamplifiers. The EV kit includes convenient audio input and output connectors.


  • 8V to 28V Single DC Power-Supply Operation
  • Fully Differential Inputs and Outputs
  • Drives 2x20W into 8Ω Speakers in Stereo Mode
  • Drives 1x40W into 4Ω Speaker in Mono Mode
  • Limiter Control
  • Thermal Foldback
  • Shutdown Control
  • Evaluates the MAX98400A in a 36-Pin TQFN Package with an Exposed Pad
  • U1 Configured for Filterless Output
  • U2 Configured for Filtered Output
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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