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MAX9611PMB1 Peripheral Module (MAX9611PMB1) (MAX9611PMB1)

The MAX9611PMB1 peripheral module provides the necessary hardware to interface the MAX9611 current-sense amplifier with 12-bit ADC and op amp, along with the MAX5380 8-bit DAC, to any system that utilizes Pmod™-compatible expansion ports configurable for I²C communication. The IC is configured with an external p-channel FET and a current-sense resistor to form a current-limiting circuit capable of handling currents up to 1A. An 8-bit DAC (U1) is used to set the current-limit point programmatically by the host through the I²C bus. In addition to providing a programmable current-limit function, the ADC within the IC measures the load current/voltage and the set-point voltage that can be read by the host through the I²C bus.

Refer to the MAX9611 IC data sheet for detailed information regarding operation of the IC.


  • Programmable Current Limit Up to 1A
  • Two Current Ranges (Jumper Selectable)
  • Measure and Read Back Load Current, Load Voltage, and Set Point
  • Power Source Up to 30V
  • Jumper-Selectable I²C Address Setting for the MAX9611
  • 6-Pin Pmod-Compatible Connector (I²C)
  • Secondary Header Allows Daisy-Chaining of Additional Modules on the I²C Bus
  • Example Software Written in C for Portability
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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