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Evaluation Kit for the MAX9508 (MAX9508EVKIT) (MAX9508EVKIT)

The MAX9508 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount circuit board that contains a MAX9508 IC. The MAX9508 is a triple video reconstruction filter and quadruple amplifier for standard-definition television (SDTV) applications. The filter's passband is 6.75MHz. The four amplifiers each have a +6dB gain and can drive a 2VP-P video signal into two DC-coupled 150Ω loads to ground or one AC-coupled 150Ω load.

The MAX9508 EV kit can be configured to select between two sets of input signals: internal or external. The EV kit provides a connector that supports bidirectional video signals. A sync tip clamped input is also available for processing external signals.

The MAX9508 includes a SmartSleep™ feature that reduces the supply current when no video input signal is detected or when any output load is removed.

The video input signals on the EV kit are DC-coupled. The video output signals from the EV kit can be DC- or AC-coupled. The MAX9508 video input terminals have a 75Ω termination resistor to ground, and the output terminals have a 75Ω back termination resistor. The EV kit operates from a single 2.7V to 3.6V DC power supply. The MAX9508 EV kit can also evaluate the MAX9512.


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