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Evaluation Kit for the MAX8895W, MAX8895X, and MAX8895Y (MAX8895EVKIT) (MAX8895EVKIT)

The MAX8895 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested PCB for evaluating the MAX8895_ dual-path lithium-ion (Li+) battery chargers. The EV kit is powered from a USB port or dedicated charger with automatic detection of adapter type and USB enumeration capability.

The EV kit features LED indicators for charging (active-low CHG), prequalification state (active-low PREQ), power-ok (active-low UOK), and fault condition (active-low FLT). The LEDs can be powered from SYS, BAT+, or BUS through an external LDO. The EV kit also features programmable charging currents (JU1, JU2), NTC thermistor for thermal protection (R11), and logic switches for the MAX8895_ features (SW1, SW2).

By default, the EV kit is configured for the MAX8895Y, but can also be reconfigured for the MAX8895W/MAX8895X with slight board/hardware modifications. To evaluate the MAX8895W/MAX8895X, request free samples of the MAX8895WEWA+/MAX8895XEWA+ when ordering the EV kit and see the Evaluating the MAX8895W/MAX8895X in the full data sheet section.


  • Micro-B USB Connector
  • Dual-Speed Operation (Full Speed: MAX8895Y; Low Speed: MAX8895W/MAX8895X)
  • Input Overvoltage Protection to 16V
  • Automatic Current Sharing Between Battery Charging and System
  • Smart Power Selector Operates with Discharged or No Battery
  • LED Indicators
  • Logic Switches
  • NTC Monitoring of Battery Temperature
  • Thermal Regulation Prevents Overheating


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