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MAX8677A Evaluation Kit (MAX8677AEVKIT) (MAX8677AEVKIT)

The MAX8677A evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the MAX8677A dual-input charger and Smart Power Selector™ IC. The EV kit charges a single-cell Li-ion (Li+) battery from a DC input (AC adapter) or a USB 100mA/500mA source and provides system power from the DC input, USB input, or battery. The DC input has a resistor-adjustable current limit, while USB current input limit is logic programmed to 100mA/500mA. USB suspend mode is also supported. The charge current is adjustable from 300mA to 1.5A. The system load has priority over the charger so that charge current is reduced as necessary to prevent input overload. Charge current is also thermally regulated.


  • DC Input Current Limit of 2A (EV Kit Standard Configuration)
  • DC Input Current-Limit-Adjustment Range of 0.5A to 2A
  • USB Current Limit of 100mA or 500mA
  • Charge-Current Limit of 1A (EV Kit Standard Configuration)
  • Charge-Current-Adjustment Range of 0.3A to 1.5A
  • Input Current Thermal-Limit Threshold of +100°C
  • 24-Pin, 4mm x 4mm Thin QFN Package


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