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Evaluation Kit for the MAX8537 (MAX8537EVKIT) (MAX8537EVKIT)

The MAX8537 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that demonstrates the MAX8537 dual, out-of-phase, PWM synchronous buck controller. The EV kit is a complete power-management solution for a double-date-rate (DDR) memory supply. It generates the main memory voltage (VDDQ), the tracking sinking/ sourcing termination voltage (VTT), and the reference voltage (VTTR). The EV kit takes a 12V input voltage and converts the voltage down to 2.5V for the VDDQ supply, 1.25V for the VTT supply, and 1.25V for the VTTR reference. The 2.5V (VDDQ) supply is capable of sourcing 20A, the 1.25V (VTT) supply is capable of sinking/sourcing 8A, and VTTR is capable of sinking/sourcing 15mA.


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