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Evaluation Kit for MAX77801 (MAX77801EVKIT) (MAX77801EVKIT)

The MAX77801 evaluation kit demonstrates the IC 2A, buck-boost with I2C capability. The EV kit enables user to evaluate MAX77801 performances with preprogrammed output voltage even without I2C interface board (e.g., MINIQUSB). The two output voltages supported by default are 3.3V and 3.4V and it can be set by pulling DVS high/ low. With I2C interface board (additional order required if necessary), user can set output voltage from 2.6V to 4.1875V with 12.5mV step. The EV kit comes standard with the MAX77801EWP+ installed.

The MINIQUSB interface board can be used to enable PC communication through the USB interface board. Windows ® 2000-, Windows XP®-, Windows Vista®-, and Windows 7-compatible software along with an extender board allows an IBM-compatible PC to use to the USB port to emulate an I2C 2-wire inter-face. This menu-driven program offers a graphical user interface (GUI) with control buttons.


  • Kelvin Sense Pins at the Input and Output of the Regulator Ensure Accurate Efficiency Measurement


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