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Evaluation Kit for the MAX742 (MAX742EVKIT) (MAX742EVKIT)

The MAX742 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a built and tested surface-mount printed circuit assembly intended for quick prototyping and testing purposes. This kit generates a dual regulated ±12V or ±15V output from a 5V regulated input supply. Power conversion efficiency ranges up to 90%, depending on output loading. Applications include low-noise power supplies for precision analog subsystems and distributed power.


  • ±12V or ±15V Dual Tracking Outputs
  • 15W Output Power:
    • ±12V at 625mA
    • ±15V at 500mA
  • 13mA Quiescent Supply Current
  • 100kHz or 200kHz Fixed-Frequency PWM Operation
  • All Surface-Mount Construction


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Производитель: Maxim Integrated
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