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Evaluation Kit/Evaluation System for the MAX6876 (MAX6876EVKIT) (MAX6876EVKIT)

The MAX6876 evaluation system (EV system) consists of a MAX6876 evaluation kit (EV kit) and a Maxim CMOD232 command module. The MAX6876 EEPROM-programmable quad power-supply tracker/sequencer circuit monitors four system voltages and ensures proper power-up and power-down conditions for systems requiring voltage tracking and/or sequencing.

The evaluation software (EV software) runs under Windows® 98/2000/XP, providing a convenient user interface to exercise the features of the MAX6876.

Order the complete EV system (MAX6876EVCMOD2) for a comprehensive evaluation of the MAX6876 using a PC. Order just the EV kit (MAX6876EVKIT) if the command module has already been purchased with a previous Maxim EV system, or if the EV kit is desired for custom development in conjunction with other microcontroller-based systems.

This evaluation system data sheet assumes the reader has a basic familiarity with the MAX6876 IC. Refer to the MAX6876 IC data sheet for detailed specifications and operating instructions.


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