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Evaluation Kit for the MAX6643/MAX6644 (MAX6643LBEVKIT) (MAX6643LBEVKIT)

The MAX6643LB evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount circuit board that demonstrates the operation of the MAX6643LB fan controller. The MAX6643LB monitors its internal temperature and the junction temperature of an optional external diode-connected transistor. Based on the temperature measurements, the MAX6643LB generates a PWM waveform that drives the gate of an external n-channel power MOSFET, which modulates the cooling fan's power supply, thus providing automatic fan-speed control.

The high- and low-temperature fan-control thresholds are easily programmable by connecting programming pins to ground or supply or leaving them disconnected. The fan-control algorithm is optimized to minimize the audible artifacts of varying fan speeds. Fan failure is detected by monitoring the fan's tachometer output. Also provided is an over-temperature output with pin-programmable threshold.

The EV kit can also be used to evaluate other versions of the MAX6643/MAX6644 fan-controlling ICs.


  • Automatic Fan-Speed Control
  • Local and Remote Temperature Sensing
  • Programmable Low, High, and Over-Temperature Thresholds
  • Minimizes Acoustic Noise
  • Fan-Failure Detection
  • Configured for 5V to 12V Fans Up to 1A
  • Reconfigurable for Up to Two Fans
  • Surface-Mount Components
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Evaluates All Versions of the MAX6643 and MAX6644 (IC Replacement Required)


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