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Evaluation Kit for the MAX618 (MAX618EVKIT) (MAX618EVKIT)

The MAX618 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a constant-frequency, PWM, step-up switching regulator with an internal 2A, 28V n-channel MOSFET. The EV kit accepts a +3V to VOUT input and converts it to a 12V output for currents up to 500mA. Conversion efficiency is greater than 90%. The EV kit operates at 250kHz, allowing the use of small external components.

The MAX618 EV kit is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount circuit board.


  • +3V to VOUT Input Voltage Range
  • 12V or Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Up to 500mA Output Current
  • Internal 2A, 28V MOSFET Switch
  • 3µA Shutdown Current
  • 250kHz Switching Frequency
  • Surface-Mount Components
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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Производитель: Maxim Integrated
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CONVERTER, DC/DC STEP UP, PWM, 618; Voltage Regulator Type:CMOS PWM Step Up DC-DC Converter; Voltage, Input Max:28V; Voltage, Output Max:12V; Current, Output Max:0.5A; Voltage, Output Adjustable Max:28V; Frequency:300kHz; Voltage, Supply Min:3V; Voltage, Supply Max:28V; Termination Type:SMD; Case Style:QSOP; Pins, No.… PDF ИНФО
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