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Применения > > Evaluation Kit for the MAX5977A and MAX5977B (MAX5977AEVKIT)

Evaluation Kit for the MAX5977A and MAX5977B (MAX5977AEVKIT) (MAX5977AEVKIT)

The MAX5977A EV kit is a hot-swap controller circuit board providing a controlled turn-on for high-power, high-capacitance loads, thus preventing glitches on the power-supply rail. The circuit uses a latching MAX5977A hot-swap controller IC in a 20-pin TQFN surface-mount package with an exposed pad. The EV kit operates from a 1V to 16V input source range connected at the VIN and GND connectors.

The IC controls two n-channel MOSFETs that deliver up to 40A of output current. The EV kit circuit ensures that the output voltage is stable and within the undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) thresholds. The circuit continually monitors load current to ensure that it does not exceed the circuit programmable fast and slow current-limit thresholds. The EV kit circuit provides a buffered output of the IC's current-sense amplifier and includes a precision current source providing a 2.5V output when enabling the IC's calibration-mode function.

The EV kit can also be used to evaluate the MAX5977B autoretry hot-swap controller after IC replacement of U1.


  • 1V to 16V Input Range
  • Demonstrates Latched-Fault Output
  • Configurable Input Undervoltage (9V) and Overvoltage (15V) Thresholds
  • Output Current Up to 40A
  • Configurable Slow and Fast Current-Limit Thresholds
  • Precision Current Monitoring
  • Calibration Mode
  • Selectable Digital Voltage Supply (VIO)
  • Active-Low FAULT and Power-Good LED Indicators
  • Buffered Current-Sense Amplifier Output Drives External Circuitry
  • Evaluates MAX5977A Latched-Off Version
  • Evaluates MAX5977B Autoretry Version After IC Replacement
  • Surface-Mount Components
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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