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Evaluation Kit for the MAX5944 (MAX5944EVKIT) (MAX5944EVKIT)

The MAX5944 evaluation kit (EV kit) circuit demonstrates the multiple functions of the MAX5944 IC. The MAX5944 IC is a two-channel controller that performs hot-swapping, power-supply ORing, and current-limiting functions for FireWire® applications. The MAX5944 controls n-channel MOSFETs to regulate load current from two input power supplies and performs low-voltage-drop power-supply ORing. The output current limit and input undervoltage-lockout thresholds are configurable.

The MAX5944 EV kit is intended for 7.5V to 37V FireWire power-supply applications. The current-limit threshold is configured to 1.6A per channel. Shutdown mode can be controlled with an on-board jumper. A fault output for each channel is provided for circuit monitoring.


  • Safely Hot-Swaps 7.5V to 37V FireWire Power Supplies
  • Demonstrates Two-Channel Hot-Swap
  • Current Limit Configured for 1.6A per Channel
  • Low-Voltage-Drop Power ORing
  • Demonstrates Active Current-Limit Feature
  • Programmable Load Current Limit
  • 2ms Regulated Current-Limit Timeout
  • Autoretry Fault Management
  • Configurable Undervoltage Lockout
  • Overcurrent Active-Low FAULTA and Active-Low FAULTB Output Status Indicators
  • Surface-Mount Construction
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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