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Evaluation Kit for the MAX5862 (MAX5862EVKIT) (MAX5862EVKIT)

The MAX5862 evaluation kit (EV kit) contains two MAX5862 high-density downstream cable QAM modulators that each integrate a digital upconverter (DUC) and an RF digital-to-analog converter (RF-DAC). The device’s DUC performs QAM mapping, pulse shaping, and digital RF upconversion of FEC-encoded data with full agility and then drives a 14-bit, 4.6Gsps RF-DAC. Each device digitally synthesizes RF signals with up to 32 DOCSIS®-compliant 6MHz or 8MHz QAM channels on a single RF port at frequencies from 47MHz to 1006MHz.

The EV kit provides a complete two-port system solution for high-density QAM modulation with very low power dissipation.

The EV kit includes Windows XP®-, Windows Vista®-, and Windows 7-compatible software that provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for configuration of all of the MAX5862 registers, control of the SPI interface, temperature monitoring, and for control of the high-speed data converter evaluation platform (HSDCEP) board. Software to control the MAX5862 registers and SPI is also Windows 7 compatible.

The EV kit provides two QSH Samtec connectors to interface to the HSDCEP for driving the IC’s single input port and various control signals.


  • Evaluates the Two MAX5862s Up to 32 QAM Channels Each
  • Single 5.5V Input Voltage Supply
  • Maximum 4.6Gsps Update Rate
  • Direct Interface with Maxim HSDCEP Data Source Board Using QSH Connectors (Order HSDCEP)
  • Windows XP-, Windows Vista-, and Windows 7-Compatible Software
  • On-Board SPI Interface Control for Both Ports of the MAX5862
  • On-Board SMBus Interface Control for Both Ports of the MAX6642 Temperature Sensor
  • GUI Controls for HSDCEP Operation
  • Pseudorandom Bit Sequence (PRBS) Test Pattern Files
  • Proven 14-Layer PCB Design
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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