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Evaluation System for the MAX5318 (MAX5318EVSYS) (MAX5318EVSYS)

The MAX5318 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX5318 18-bit high-accuracy voltage output DAC with digital gain and offset control. The EV kit also includes Windows XP®-, Windows Vista®-, and Windows® 7-compatible software that provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for exercising the features of the IC.

The MAX5318 evaluation system (EV system) consists of the EV kit and a companion MAXUSB2XILINXMB serial interface board. The MAXUSB2XILINXMB interface board allows a PC to control the SPI interface and GPIOs using its USB port. Order the EV system for a complete PC-based evaluation of the IC.

The EV system includes an on-board direct digital synthesizer (DDS) that generates precision waveforms (sine, triangle, rising ramp, falling ramp, square, and arbitrary). The DDS clock can be selected from 375kHz to 10kHz. Waveform amplitude and offset can be controlled by the DDS or the internal controls of the IC. Arbitrary waveforms are defined by a simple CSV file that can easily be created from Excel or many other software programs. A synchronization output is also provided that indicates when a new cycle starts. In addition, all waveforms can be synchronized to an external signal.

The EV kit comes with an 18-bit MAX5318GTG+ precision DAC installed.


  • On-Board Direct Digital Synthesis (Xilinx® Spartan®-3A FPGA)
  • On-Board Waveform Memory (1M x 24-Bit SRAM)
  • On-Board +4.096V Ultra-High-Precision Voltage Reference (MAX6126)
  • SMA Connectors for Waveform Synchronization and DAC Output
  • Proven High-Performance 18-Bit DAC PCB Layout
  • Stand-Alone and GUI Operation Modes
  • Eight Diagnostic LEDs
  • Five Pushbuttons For Functionality Tests
  • High-Speed SPI Interface
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 USB-PC Connection (Cable Included)
  • Windows XP-, Windows Vista-, and Windows 7-Compatible Software
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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