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MAX3654 Evaluation Kit (MAX3654EVKIT) (MAX3654EVKIT)

The MAX3654 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a factory-assembled printed circuit board (PCB) that provides two circuit versions—optical input and electrical input.

The optical circuit includes the photodiode bias circuitry, an op amp for feed-forward AGC operation, and a balun for single-ended 75Ω output. Through-hole pads are provided to attach a triplexer analog photodiode. It is important to select a photodiode with capacitance and inductance in the anode and cathode connections as symmetric as possible for optimum linearity.

The electrical circuit is normally configured with a 50Ω input for use with conventional test and measurement equipment and a 75Ω output. The 75Ω output can be connected to 50Ω test and measurement equipment using a minimum loss pad. If desired, the MAX3654 input can also provide a 75Ω input by replacing R12 and R13 with 25Ω resistors.


  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Optical and Electrical Inputs
  • Automatic Gain Control


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