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Quadruple-Mode LNA/Mixer Evaluation Kits (MAX2531EVKIT) (MAX2531EVKIT)

The MAX2530/MAX2531/MAX2538 evaluation kits (EV kits) simplify evaluation of the MAX2351/MAX2354/MAX2358/MAX2359/MAX2530/MAX2531/MAX2537/MAX2538 high-performance, silicon germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS, quad-mode LNA/mixer ICs. They enable testing of the devices' RF performance and require no additional support circuitry. The signal inputs and outputs use SMA connectors to simplify the connection of RF test equipment.

The MAX2530/MAX2531/MAX2538 EV kits are assembled with an associated IC and incorporate input- and output-matching components optimized for the 869MHz to 894MHz cellular frequency band, 1930MHz to 1990MHz PCS frequency band, 1575.42MHz GPS frequency band, and 183.6MHz IF output frequency. All matching components can be changed to work at other frequencies.

Use the Evaluation Kit Selector Guide to determine which EV kit to order based on the application. For example, to evaluate the MAX2354, use the MAX2530EVKIT.


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