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Evaluation Kit for the MAX17030 (MAX17030EVKIT) (MAX17030EVKIT)

The MAX17030 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the high-power, dynamically adjustable, multiphase IMVP-6.5 notebook CPU application circuit. This DC-DC converter steps down high-voltage batteries and/or AC adapters, generating a precision, low-voltage CPU core VCC rail. The MAX17030 EV kit meets the Intel mobile IMVP-6.5 CPU's transient voltage specification, power-good signaling, voltage regulator thermal monitoring (active-low VRHOT), and power-good output (PWRGD). The MAX17030 EV kit consists of the MAX17030 3-phase interleaved Quick-PWM™ step-down controller and one external MAX8791 single synchronous MOSFET driver. The MAX17030 EV kit includes active voltage positioning with adjustable gain, reducing power dissipation and bulk output capacitance requirements. A slew-rate controller allows controlled transitions between VID codes, controlled soft-start and shutdown, and controlled exit suspend voltage. Precision slew-rate control provides "just-in-time" arrival at the new DAC setting, minimizing surge currents to and from the battery.

Two dedicated system inputs (active-low PSI and DPRSLPVR) dynamically select the operating mode and number of active phases, optimizing the overall efficiency during the CPU's active and sleep states.

The MAX17030 includes latched output undervoltagefault protection, overvoltage-fault protection, and thermal-overload protection. It also includes a voltage regulator power-good (PWRGD) output, a clock enable (active-low CLKEN) output, and a current monitor (IMON) output.

The MAX17030 provides a digitally adjustable 0 to 1.5000V output voltage (7-bit on-board DAC) from a 7V to 20V battery-input range. Each phase is designed for a 20A thermal design current, and delivers up to 22A peak output current for a total of 66A. The EV kit operates at 300kHz switching frequency (per phase) and has superior line- and load-transient response.

The MAX17030 EV kit also evaluates the MAX17000, MAX17007A, and MAX17028 DC-DC converters.


  • MAX17030:
    • Triple-Phase, Fast-Response Interleaved, Quick-PWM
    • 2 Internal Drivers + 1 External Driver (MAX8791)
    • Intel IMVP-6.5 Code-Set Compliant (Calpella Socket Configuration)
    • Dynamic Phase Selection Optimizes Active/Sleep Efficiency
    • Transient Phase Overlap Reduces Output Capacitance
    • Active Voltage Positioning with Adjustable Gain
    • High Speed, Accuracy, and Efficiency
    • Low Bulk Output Capacitor Count
    • 7V to 20V Input-Voltage Range
    • 0 to 1.5000V Output-Voltage Range (7-Bit DAC)
    • 66A Peak Load-Current Capability (22A Each Phase)
    • Accurate Lossless Current Balance and Current Limit
    • 300kHz Switching Frequency (per Phase)
    • IMVP-6.5 Power Sequencing and Timing Compliant
    • Remote Output and Ground Sense
    • Power-Good (PWRGD) Output and Indicator (D3)
    • Clock Enable (Active-Low CLKEN) and Thermal Fault (Active-Low VRHOT) Outputs and Indicators (D4 and D5)
    • Current Monitor (IMON) Output
    • Output Overvoltage and Undervoltage Fault Protections
    • 40-Pin Thin QFN Package
  • MAX17000:
    • Complete DDR Supplies: VCCDDR, VTTDDR, and VTTR
    • 7V to 20V Input-Voltage Range
    • 400kHz Switching Frequency
    • 10A Output Current Capability (VCCDDR)
    • 2A Output Current Capability (VTTDDR)
    • 3mA Output Current Capability (VTTR)
    • Overvoltage Protection
    • Power-Good Output Indicators (D15 and D16)
    • 24-Pin Thin QFN Package
  • MAX17007A:
    • I/O Supplies: VTT1 and VTT2
    • 7V to 20V Input-Voltage Range
    • 300kHz Switching Frequency
    • 12A Output Current Capability (VTT1)
    • 12A Output Current Capability (VTT2)
    • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protections
    • Thermal Protection
    • Power-Good Output Indicators (D19 and D20)
    • 28-Pin Thin QFN Package
  • MAX17028:
    • GMCH Graphics Supply: VCCAXG
    • 7V to 20V Input-Voltage Range
    • 400kHz Switching Frequency
    • 14A Output Current Capability
    • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protections
    • Thermal Fault (Active-Low VRHOT) Output Indicator (D12)
    • Current Monitor (DFGT_IMON) Output
    • Power-Good (PWRGD) Output and Indicator (D13)
    • 32-Pin Thin QFN Package


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