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Evaluation Kit for the MAX17007A (MAX17007AEVKIT) (MAX17007AEVKIT)

The MAX17007A evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the standard 12A application circuit of the MAX17007A. This DC-DC converter steps down high-voltage batteries to generate low-voltage core or chipset/RAM bias supplies in notebook computers.

The default MAX17007A EV kit design provides two independent outputs (OUT1 and OUT2) from a 7V to 24V battery-input range. OUT1 is configured for a dynamic 1V/1.2V output voltage and OUT2 is configured to a preset 1.5V output voltage. Each output delivers at least 12A. The OUT1 and OUT2 outputs operate at 270kHz and 330kHz switching frequencies, respectively.


  • 7V to 24V Input Range
  • Preset/Adjustable/Dynamic Output Voltage (OUT1)
  • Preset/Adjustable Output Voltage (OUT2)
  • 12A Output Currents for Each Output
  • 24A Output Current in Combined Mode
  • 91% Efficiency (VIN = 12V, VOUT1 = 1.2V at 5A)
  • 92% Efficiency (VIN = 12V, VOUT2 = 1.5V at 5A)
  • Power-Good Output Indicators (PGOOD1 and PGOOD2)
  • Low-Profile Surface-Mount Components
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant


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