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Evaluation Kit for the MAX16920A and MAX16920B (MAX16920BEVKIT) (MAX16920BEVKIT)

The MAX16920B evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembled and tested PCB used to evaluate the MAX16920B power-management IC for automotive radios, containing three step-down converters, one linear regulator (LDO), and an overvoltage-protection block.

The EV kit comes with a MAX16920BATJ/V+ installed, which is the 2.2MHz switching-frequency version. For the 400kHz switching-frequency version, contact the factory for free samples of the pin-compatible MAX16920AATJ/V+. Additional capacitors and inductors are provided in the EV kit for the MAX16920A.


  • 5.5V to 18V Input Range, Survives 45V Transients
  • 3.3V at 150mA Output (OUT1 from DC-DC1)
  • 5V at 600mA Output (OUT2 from DC-DC2)
  • 3.3V at 1.5A Output (OUT3 from DC-DC3)
  • 5V at 150mA Output (OUTA from LDOA)
  • LED Power-Good Indicators for All Step-Down Converters and LDO
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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