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Evaluation Kit for the MAX16046 (MAX16046EVKIT) (MAX16046EVKIT)

The MAX16046 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven printed-circuit board (PCB) layout that facilitates evaluation of the MAX16046 EEPROM-based sequencer/monitor/marginer with nonvolatile fault memory. This EV kit is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount board.

The EV kit includes an on-board USB-to-JTAG and I²C interface facilitating communications between the host PC and the MAX16046. Two LDO regulators and two tracking FETs make it easy to evaluate the sequencing, monitoring, and margining functionality of the MAX16046. External connections are also provided to facilitate connection to an external application circuit.

This EV kit data sheet assumes basic familiarity with the MAX16046. Refer to the MAX16046/MAX16048 data sheet for more detailed information.


  • USB Interface to Host PC
  • Easy-to-Use GUI Software
  • On-Board LDO Regulators and Tracking FETs
  • Convenient Test Points and Headers for Easy Evaluation


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